CrazyHD 2019: Largest Bangladeshi Torrent Website (

CrazyHD 2019: Are you looking for Bangladeshi torrent site? Are you know about crazy HD? How to create an account & login in CarzyHD Torrent? Are you know how may features have in

If you don’t know what is it and how to work it please read this post at the end. Today here, I will be telling all about Crazy HD BDtorrent website like Feature, create an account, how to upload a torrent, about Invitation link of crazy HD and more.

If you don’t realize CrazyHD then scan our this text at the end.

CrazyHD BDtorrent

What is CrazyHD?

The is the Most popular & largest Bangladeshi torrent website since 2013 to still now. However, they’re the classiest one website in BDtorrent. They are more aware of their users. They don’t have any annoying rules for users, don’t beg for donation and don’t harass users for invites. All they need from you reciprocally is correct seeding.

They are very careful about the bad & good side for the user. For the reason, they have three layers of security to ban leechers for good. After you connect with our hunter we have a tendency to build a peer signature that you simply cannot amendment notwithstanding what you are doing. They need recently enforced a FB verify system to dam leechers even additional strictly.

Know more about CrazyHD, This entire web site has been designed to cater toward’s gambling, software package enthusiasts.
Feel free to explore and encase you’re lost, their nice and useful workers are correct there for you. Jump into any of the discussions in our forum or scan the standard articles in our news section. CrazyHD strives to fulfill your daily dose of technical school bytes.

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CrazyHD: BD Torrent Website ( Crazy HD

CrazyHD is thus Brobdingnagian that every one alternative BD torrent sites combined don’t have as several torrents and U.S.A.ers as us. They need the foremost skilled, educated and well-behaved workers.

If you get prohibited from CHD for low quantitative relation, you won’t notice the other similar service with a set as Brobdingnagian as ours. So Please seed and luxuriate in the privilege of being a member of the most important and most elite torrent website of the Asian country.

Once you end downloading, ne’er click the stop *censored*on. Keep it as long as you don’t run out of magnetic disc house. keep in mind you’re obtaining everything for free of charge from another member of this website. you want to seed in order that somebody else will transfer from you. Survival of this community depends on your sharing.

Seed each torrent for a minimum of seven days. If you wish to extend quantitative relation quick, strive to download one the new torrents that you simply suppose can have high demand or begin uploading torrents of your own.

How to Create an account in Crazy HD & Login

If as a user if you want to join in this torrent website you can’t create an account in there.

If you going to sing up, they will show up “Sorry, registrations are closed. Please ask your facebook friends for invites or click here to request from our FB group”

So contact them if you want to join their list.

If you want to join just for the reading forum, you don’t need to create an account. But without Sing Up here, you can not post anyhow & don’t reply in any particular post.

Also with it, can’t download 7 uploads any file from here. In a word, you will not get all the features from this website.

So for the Sing Up, they sent an invitation link then you will create an account. See below for how to get invitation link.

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How to get CrazyHD Invitation Link?

Simply, no one creates an account directly from the crazy HD website. For creating the account you need to join their Facebook Gropu and then tell them to get an Invitation Link on your Email.

When you give an Email then they will be sent 2 or 3 CrazyHD Invitation Links which you got on mail. And then click the link & then you will create an account.

So first, you need to join their facebook group. Here is the facebook group Link below


CrazyHD BD Feature

There are many features have in CrazyHD BD. CrzyHD is a platform where you will get all the TV series, Software, Games, Movies, Natok, cartoon, Music, Video like more. See below how many topics you will get here.

  • Movies (Bangla, English, Hindi, Tamil and more all quality movies)
  • TV Serice (Bangla, English, Hindi and all other languages)
  • Games (Android, Windows PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad and more)
  • Software (For all device)
  • Bangla (Natok Movies, Web series, etc)
  • Anime (Cartoon)
  • Music (Mp3 all)
  • Music Video ( all Video song)
  • Ebooks (PDF, pictures, etc)
  • Fun & more

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Here, I tried to give out some features, if you log in here then you will see how many more features included here.

Also, you can give any request like movies, torrent, etc.

crazyhd bd
CrazyHD – – Crazy HD

How can I download from

There are some tricks steps by steps. You may follow these:

1. Get a torrent application which will fit your needs:

There are lots of useful torrents available. I suggest for you the most usest and helpful torrent below. You may search for more.

[url=http://www.u*censored*/]utorrent[/url] [url=www.bit*censored*/]BitTorrent[/url]

2. Get a torrent file:

The torrent file is that the very first thing you would like. this can be a tiny low file that points to the most file that you simply are desirous to transfer.

  1. Search for your required file (movies, mp3, games, software, etc.) and opt for a link from the results list.
  2. Press the Download Button to form the chosen file location.
  3. A downloading manager window can seem, asking you the way you’d wish to open the file. opt for bit torrent or any torrent code you’ve downloaded.
  4. Change settings within the showing window if you wish. Click OK.
  5. The torrent can begin downloading.
  6. If it doesn’t open that approach, simply save it. Torrent go into the transfer manager window, to simple to find the place. Then open your torrent shopper and use the “Open Torrent” feature. Most torrent shoppers support drag-and-drop to feature a torrent to the list.

Crazy HD 2019: Most Common FAQ of CrazyHD BD

In the CrazyHD, Quality is the boss and solely the best quality of a motion picture is uploaded from the most effective manslayer. For use it. please use transfer coordination forms to coordinate with alternative uploaders and avoid duplicates.


1) If motion picture doesn’t exist on-the-scene OR Has zero seeds, your downloading files is going to be approved, as long as screenshot and outline are there.

2) For cases with a similar file of a similar quality (720p/1080p) from completely different rippers that one is going to be allowed?

Only the most effective quality file for a selected quality level. we have a tendency to don’t care regarding rippers and encoders. We’ll not permit ten {different|totally completely different|completely different} copies of a similar720p/1080p file from ten different rippers. Solely the most effective quality from the most effective manslayer is going to be accepted. Once that’s crammed we’ll settle for no additional.

3) File size & media information same however completely different manslayer is it counted as duplicate?
For sure Duplicate. Manslayer name doesn’t matter eg if each says HDcam v2 each ar a similar copy, each says untouched each ar a similar copy. Keep solely the higher wanting one. The duplicate is going to be deleted.

4) we’ve some encoder into our site. In order that they will transfer their own cipher file or not?
NO. Don’t care regarding native encoders. No Self coding allowed on Crazyhd. the sole approach they’ll transfer is motion picture isn’t their on-the-scene or it’s there however while not seeds (See response 1). 5) massive size “Untouched” CAM isn’t allowed unless the standard is sweet.

For cam uploads, completely different copies from a similar supply are going to be counted as duplicates. Once a file is uploaded, solely higher quality prints are side.

How to Upload TorrentBD in CrazyHD

Before upload torrent in Crazy HD, you should mine some knowledge about upload system. At the bottom, I’m trying to give out some information.

  • Title & Tag
  • Description
  • Media Information
  • Minimum transfer Requirements

A) Titles & Tags:

1. Make sure use the right name in torrent title & in original file name don’t rename the file name along with your name or the other names. Files & Title name like jhdsjhdsj.avi, juju. Mkv, dsdsd.mp4 are going to be deleted. Avoid “.com” from torrent title/filenames.

2. You want to place Releasers/Ripper names within the torrent title for English and Hindi movies. (If you ripped the media yourself, then you will place your name in Title, however, should offer info as proof within the description field.)

Ripper Examples :

Bollywood: DDR, Drs, TMG, TNT, Telly, M2Tv, EXD, DUS and additional

Hollywood: SPARKS, EVO, TiTAN, RARBG, ETRG, YIFY, Shaanig, Ganool, Micromkv, nItro and additional.

Example: Hobbs And Shaw (2017) BluRay 1080p x264 Ganool

3. Team names will solely be mentioned in TAGS. In Tag Section Add Genre/Language/Actor Names/IMDB Rating/Quality -Separated by areas solely no |,)-; & more.

4. Motion picture Pack/Series Pack: If you transfer a motion picture pack, check that every motion picture is from a similar supply and has a similar resolution. Don’t error BRRIP & Cam/DVDSCr in motion picture pack. Same goes for Series pack. Don’t add these within the title: impressive motion picture, New Movies, should Watch!! continually avoid these sorts of naming.

Example: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2011-2018) 1080p BluRay x264 anoXmous

5. Don’t transfer single episodes of Tv series unless it’s RUNNING. Create an entire pack of that.

6. You’ll add x264, XviD, AC3, AAC in the title. It’ll facilitate users to grasp the distinction of that unleash.

Example: Age of Ice 2014 BRRip XviD AC3-EVO
Age of Ice 2014 BRRip x264 AC3-EVO

7. From Youtube/Dailymotion Or any on-line Streaming sites: If you transfer from this add WEBHD/WEBRip within the title and should mention it in your torrent description.

8. Give a simple description about you to uploading your personal collecting files.

B) Description:

1. Take minimum 3(three) screenshot the right system and upload these and thumbnails or image.

2. You have to upload your image to and then post the sole BBCode within the torrent description.

3. The video file resolution and screenshot resolution should be similar.

C) Media Info:

1. Use Mediainfo code to fetch media information which may be found here.

2. Don’t take a screenshot of that media information and post screenshot. Post the entire text information.

3. check that to feature full media info. Audio & Video Details with bit-rate.

D) Minimum transfer Requirements:

1. Motion picture :[ three Screenshots, Poster, IMDb, fingernail Or Media information ]

2. Music Video :[ three screenshots, fingernail Or Media Info]

3. Music Audio :[ Poster, Songs Details]

4. Games :[ Games poster, Minimum Requirements]

5. Others Videos :[ three Screenshots, fingernail Or Media Info]

6. Softwares :[ Poster, code Details]

The principles of upload torrents on CrazyHD

1. For CAMRip/DVDScr: Your uploaded will be minimum 480p. And for new movie etc, notice your file size.

2. For CamRIP/PreDvDScr/DvDScr: If You can upload better file regulation, than the same old previous file in Crazy.HD. Crazy.HD will accept it. but if it looks seems the older. it will be ignored.

3. For PreDVDRip/DVDRip/HDRip/WEB-DL/BluRay: Minimum Resolution allowed is 720p.

4. Solely Hindi Dubbed/Dual Audio(DD5.1)(which releases first) in 1080p format for WEB-DL n BLURAY every is allowed. No any releases/copies are going to be allowed later. Our goal is to stay only one copy of twinAudio/Hindi Dubbed(DD5.1)(which releases first) for each WEB-DL n BLURAY every.

5. Title of torrents ought to be clean. attempt to keep them the maximum amount clean as potential.
18+, Adult, Super unleash, Adult Content, Hot unleash, etc. – these aren’t International Standards. Please avoid them.

6. If WEB-DL is accessible then no HDRIP/WEBRIP are going to be allowed. But,
If the HDRIP copies got discharged before WEB-DL then we’ll permit them.

7. Only one Supercut/Extended copy are going to be allowed and therefore the allowed format is 1080p.

8. Only 1 4k and 3d copy are going to be allowed per motion picture.

9. Only one HEVC is allowed for 1080p Bluray copy.

10. For previous TV or fresh Dubbed Series: Uploading not allowed without a full episode. But if it is been TV SERIES, then allowed.

Note that:

  •  “Dual Audio/Hindi Dubbed” of Youtube copy isn’t allowed
  • Line Audio / military installation Audio” for any format also isn’t allowed.

Please Be Alert in CrazyHD BD Torrent Website 2019

  • Don’t re-upload a similar torrent that already exists in CrazyHD. Search your needs in the search bar.
  • Don’t use any outsider or international torrent in CrazyHD. Because it doesn’t allow others torrent.
  • Don’t transfer scrap or junk torrents. Junk torrents are: Single MP3 file, Low-Quality Music Videos (size not greater than thirty MB)
  • Don’t add any advertisements like *banner or censored or etc*.
  • Don’t use so privet torrents. All torrents should be created as non-public with DHT disabled.
  • Filling quests: Don’t use a fake link to filling request.
  • ShoutBox: don’t use junk e-mail(requesting torrents, posing for approval).
  • Don’t use other fonts without English font in Shoutbox.
  • Don’t upload the virus. without a virus, You can upload any files. If contains any virus, your torrent is to be deleted.
  • Don’t break the rules of and obey the law the whole time.
Before closing:
CrazyHD is one of the best and most useful torrents web site which can satisfy you to use than any other torrent web site. if you have followed the steps and read carefully, I think you got a good result. And if you got the satisfaction result I succeed with my article. And share it with your friends and family. Thanks for reading with patients.

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