How to fixed iPhone not Charging

How to Fixed iPhone not Charging Problem 2019: Easy & Simple Way

iPhone not charging 2019: Your iPhone won’t charge?  Then you are worried about why my iPhone won’t charge. You may think your iPhone charger not working. If it is Yes. Then you have reached the best platform to fix your iPhone not charging problem. Here you can find the method to fix your charging problem on iPhone. At last, you can find an easy and simple method to solve this problem.

Before some days, iPhone users are badly searched for one problem and that is iPhone not charging problem 2019. Day by day this problem increased. That’s why today in this post, I am going to discuss the main cause of this iPhone not charging when plugged in problem and how to fix this problem. So keep reading this post.

How to fixed iPhone not Charging
How to Solve iPhone not Charging 2019

iPhone not charging when Plugged in

Are very fashed about iPhone not charging when plugged in problem? Reading this post means your answer is YES. So you are fully tensed about your iPhone. But no more worry about it. You can solve this problem very easily. I will help you to fix this problem.

There are Six methods to solve this problem. This all methods are very cool and simple. these methods are:

  1. Charge with the Official Matched-Chargers
  2. Uninstall the Battery Draining App
  3. Change the Charging Method
  4. Soft Reset
  5. Force the iPhone to restart.
  6. Restore this iPhone with iTunes

Soft Reset:

When you plug in your iPhone charger then it’s software decides to charge phone battery or not. If your iPhone affected with some bugs on iOs 11 then your charging software can not complete his task. As a result, It shows the result ” Your iPhone will not charge”. This a fault of Software. So you need to follow the first solution. A soft reset is the first and the best method to solve your iPhone not charging problem. To soft reset your iPhone you have to do some task. they are:

  • At first, press the Power button and hold it until the Slide to Power off screen appears. It takes a few seconds.
  • Now Drag this Slider and turn off the iPhone.
  • After a half minutes, Press the Power button and hold it until your iPhone logo (Apple) shows up on your phone display.

So your iPhone booted completely. Now try to charge your phone again same charger & adapter. If that’s not working then you can try it with another charger or adapter. May it be working.

Is this previous method is not working well? then you can try to connect your phone with your Laptop or computer by the USB cable. make sure this computer or PC is not the sleeping mode.

Force the iPhone to restart

Sometimes your iPhone not charging for some Apps crashing. But we think that our iPhone charger not working. That’s why we can’t fix the problem of “Why My iPhone won’t charging well”?

As a simple method, you can try to force your iPhone to restart. That’s the second method to fix your iPhone not charging well problem. If you want to try it. Then follow this step.

  • Press the Power button and the Volume low button at the same time and hold on it. you need to hold them for about 20 to 30 seconds.
  • When your iPhone logo ( Apple ) show on your display now release the button.

Now you have to wait for a single moment until your iPhone will completely boot. Now try to charging on your iPhone.

Restore this iPhone with iTunes

Sometimes the iPhone makes not charging problem when coming to the iPhone’s faulty update. so you need to restore your iPhone. That’s very irritating work. Because the updating method is a very timely method. Not only timely but also your all data will be removed from your iPhone.

If you want to restore your iPhone first you have to make the backup of data. Because when you start updating or restore. Then you have lost your data. You have no other option in this way. you can’t complete it by own. Then you need to go to an iPhone bar or a smart technician of iPhone to complete your work. So create a backup file of your data before restoring the iPhone.

To restore the iPhone follow these steps:

  1. Open iTunes on your iPhone and connect with Mac or Windows computer by using Cable.
  2. Now Tap on the Trust this Device/Computer on your iPhone.
  3. Now select your iPhone when shows the on iTunes.
  4. Then Navigate the summery it and click the Restore button for two times.
  5. iTunes will restore your iPhone with latest iOS.
  6. At last, you can restore your backup file on your latest IOS system and set your iPhone with your style.

If you use the below-listed iPhone and want to know how to fix it, then you should follow the above step.

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All over the full post, I have told about the iPhone not charging how to fix the problem. I have tried to discuss this topic iPhone not charging 2019 in details. For the different iPhone users, I have given the best solution different iPhone Like iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, and also iPhone x won’t charge. If you face any kinds of crux with this iPhone not charging problem 2019. Then ask me on the comment below. team is here to give the right solution.

So I think this post will helpful for all of you. You may like this post. You can share this informative post with your dearest person like your family friends.

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